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!!! Create Debug Configuration
# Make sure you are running Eclipse in Pydev mode
# Select Run -> Debug Configurations ...
# "Python Run" should be selected in the "Debug Configurations" pop-up
# Click the left-most icon on the upper left that says "New launch configuration" when you hover over it

!!! Configure new configuration

!! Main Tab

# "Project" should have name of your current Pydev project
# "Main Module" should have {{ ${workspace_loc:PROJECT_NAME/path/to/manage.py} }} or something similar (including the manage.py)
# PYTHONPATH should have the contents of your {{site-packages}} and your project folder

!! Arguments Tab

# "Program arguments" should have {{ runserver --noreload PORT_NUMBER }}
# "Working directory" should have {{ ${workspace_loc:PROJECT_NAME/path/to/manage.py} }} *without* the manage.py

!!! Running

Now you can click on the arrow next to the debug icon and select the configuration you just made.  You can also select Run -> Debug As and select the configuration you just made.

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