Software Description
ripgrep grep replacement
bat cat clone with syntax highlighting and Git integration
tokei program that displays statistics about your code. It is a super-fast replacement for cloc
exa replacement for ls
fd replacement for find
procs replacement for ps


Mac Linux Software Description
x x pigz Parallel gzip
x x pbzip2 Parallel bzip2
x x p7zip 7zip, great archiver
x Keka Free archiver (supports 7z, etc)
x x ack enhanced grep
x 0xED Hex editor
x A Better Finder Renamer Renamer
x Sequel Pro SQL client
x Path Finder Finder replacement
x x muCommander Norton Commander successor
x Secrets Easy way to tweak leopard's hidden features
x x tmux Terminal Multiplexer
x iTerm 2 Enhanced Terminal
x x XZ Parallel XZ compression tool. Very good. See Multicore XZ

Resource Monitoring#

Mac Linux Software Description
x x htop beautiful version of top
x atop alternative to htop
x iotop top of I/O
x iftop display bandwidth


Mac Linux Software Description
x x Cooliris Browser plugin image viewer
x x VLC Universal media player
x Seashore Image editor
x Burn CD/DVD burner
x x Handbrake Rip / re-compress videos
x Mojo Downloads music from Your friends' iTunes libraries over the internet
x OurTunes Downloads music from shared iTunes libraries
x XBMC Media center application, Mac: Plex, Boxee
x x SongBird Cross-platform music player
x x Calibre E-book management
x x Sigil E-book editor


Mac Linux Software Description
x x Emacs ide
x x Eclipse ide
x x Vim ide
x Aquamacs ide
x x pydev eclipse python plugin
x x Netbeans java ide
x x Virtualbox vm
x x Mercurial Distributed Source Control Manager
x x Git Distributed Source Control Manager
x PyCharm Python IDE
x RubyMine Ruby IDE
x IntelliJ Java IDE
x Android Studio Android IDE
x Sublime Text Light weight IDE
x SourceTree Git IDE


Mac Linux Software Description
x Adium chat
x NetNewsWire News w/ Google Reader Sync
x Transmit FTP
x x Unison bi-directional rsync
x Colloquy IRC client
x Dropbox Cross-platform, instantaneous file sync
x iTimeMachine Backs up Leopard over your network
x x Firefox Browser


Mac Linux Software Description
x x Mathematica symbolic math
x x R statistics
x x Octave math
x MacTex LaTeX



Brew Cask#


See also Essential Shell Commands.

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