Read Author Title Publisher Year Misc Comment
Arthur Britton Smith The Legend of the Lake 1997 History of HMS Ontario ShipWreck World, Great Lakes Historical Society
Sandra Tsing Loh Mother on Fire: A True Motherf%#$@ Story About Parenting! Crown 2008 Radio commentator and performer Loh (A Year in Van Nuys) has penned a hilarious memoir with the same title as her one-woman comedy show, which ran for seven months in Los Angeles. The story begins as a droll little breeze that soon sucks the reader into a frenzied whirlwind as Loh recounts her harrowing quest to find a suitable kindergarten for Hannah, her four-year-old daughter (Loh habitually calls Isabel, her two-year-old, simply The Squid). All parents who have searched for an ideal school for their youngster (and even those who haven't) will be snared by Loh's crackling prose.
- - - - - True story behind Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped
James P. Hogan Code of the LifeMaker - - -
Stephen Jay Gould The Mismeasure of Man W. W. Norton - - Get Revised & Expanded Edition
- What if - - -