Useful RabbitMQ Commands

Listing Queues of a virtual host#

rabbitmqctl list_queues [-p vhostpath] [queueinfoitem ...]

queueinfoitem Description
name The name of the queue with non-ASCII characters URL-escaped.
durable Whether or not the queue survives server restarts.
auto_delete Whether the queue will be deleted automatically when no longer used.
arguments Queue arguments.
node Node on which the process associated with the queue resides.
messages_ready Number of messages ready to be delivered to clients.
messages_unacknowledged Number of messages delivered to clients but not yet acknowledged.
messages_uncommitted Number of messages published in as yet uncommitted transactions
messages Sum of ready, unacknowledged and uncommitted messages (queue depth).
acks_uncommitted Number of acknowledgements received in as yet uncommitted transactions.
consumers Number of consumers.
transactions Number of transactions.
memory Bytes of memory consumed by the Erlang process associated with the queue, including stack, heap and internal structures.