See attached PDF instruction manual.




  • Dated Training Log with Best Lap, Average Lap and Total Time
  • 100-Lap Memory Recall
  • 100-Hour Chronograph with Lap and Split Times
  • On-the-Fly Lap or Split Recall
  • 99-Lap Counter
  • 9 interval timers settable for up to 24 hours: countdown/stop (CS), countdown/repeat (CR), and countdown auto-start chrono (CC)
  • Automatic Interval Repetition Counter
  • 5 customizable alarms: daily/weekday/weekend/weekly options
  • 2 time zone settings
  • On-Screen Prompts Make Setting Easy
  • Forward or Backward Setting
  • INDIGLO® night-light
  • NIGHT-MODE® feature
  • Extra Large Digital Screen for Easy Readability
  • Durable and Lightweight Resin Case
  • Top Pusher for Easy Operation
  • Water-Resistant to 100 Meters
  • Durable Resin Strap



Display shows minutes, seconds, and hundredths up to one hour; then hours, minutes, seconds. #

A. Press MODE repeatedly until CHRONO appears. Press START/SPLIT to start Chronograph.

B. Press START/SPLIT again to take lap/split. Display shows both lap/split for 10 seconds then returns to running Chrono.
TIP : Press MODE button to release display and see running Chrono.

C. Press STOP/RESET to stop or pause timing. Press START/SPLIT to resume.

D. Press and hold SET/RECALL to store workout, including date, lap/split times, and total time. Skip step if you do not want to store the workout.

E. Press and hold STOP/RESET to reset Chrono and time another workout.
TIP: Chronograph will continue to run when you exit mode. When storing a workout, display indicates available free memory or MEMORY FULL. If there is not enough memory for entire workout, only total time and oldest laps will be stored.

To Recall Workouts#

A. Press SET/RECALL to enter recall mode. Date of last workout flashes.

B. Press +/– to choose workout to review. Workouts stored by date. Multiple workouts may be stored on same date.

C. Press NEXT to view workout details.

D. Press START/SPLIT to review Lap/Split times of successive laps, BEST lap, and AVG lap.

E. To review other workouts, press NEXT until date flashes then follow steps B-D.

F. Press DONE to return to Chrono.
TIP: To view lap/split times of current workout, while Chrono is running, press SET/RECALL and START/SPLIT to scroll through lap/split times, BEST lap, AVG lap. Current lap will not be shown. No other workouts can be viewed while Chrono is running.

To Clear Workouts#

A. With Chrono stopped, press and hold STOP/RESET. HOLD TO CLR WORKOUT will appear. When alert sounds, last stored workout is erased from memory.

B. To clear all workouts, continue to hold STOP/RESET. HOLD TO CLR ALL will appear. Alert will sound to indicate that all stored workouts are erased. MEMORY FREE will appear.

To Change Display Format#

Change what appears in first and second lines of display.

A. Press and hold SET/RECALL (Chrono running or reset).

B. If no workouts are stored, display will indicate FORMAT/SET. If workouts are stored, last workout will be displayed. Press NEXT until FORMAT display appears.

C. Press +/– to select LAP/SPL, SPL/LAP, or RUN/TOTAL.

D. Press DONE to exit.

To Display Run Time/Elapsed Time Determine total time of an exercise.

A. Follow steps above to select Run Total format.

B. Press START/SPLIT to start Chronograph. Press STOP/RESET to pause. Chronograph will show time elapsed up to button push. Lower display will continue to run, showing total elapsed time since Chronograph was started.

C. Press START/SPLIT to resume timing of activity.

D. Repeat to record Run Time (total exercise time) and elapsed time.

E. Press STOP/RESET to stop timing. Press and hold STOP/RESET to reset Chrono or press and hold SET/RECALL to store workout (run time).
TIP: Elapsed time counter will continue to run until Chronograph is reset. Elapsed time is not stored in memory. Only total exercise time is stored. If you take Lap/Split times in TOTAL RUN mode, display will change to Lap/Split.