Tmux Reference


Tmux is a great alternative to GNU Screen.


Once you are in tmux, all command are prefixed by C-b. So, for example, if you want to split the screen, you need to type

C-b "

That is to say, Control-b followed by the double-quote.


C-b send-prefix
? help
d detach-client


Up Up-pane
Down down-pane
o down-pane
Space next-layout
x confirm-before kill-pane
Page Up scroll up (history)
Page Down scroll down (history)
q display-panes
x confirm-before kill-pane


" split-window (vertically)
% split-window -h (horizontally)
& confirm-before kill-window
c new-window
n next-window
l last-window
p previous-window
& confirm-before kill-window


d detach-client (detach and quit tmux but leave the session running)
: command-prompt


The following are run from the shell, as in the command prompt.

tmux att [-d] attach to default session [and detach other others]


Creates a new tmux session named session_name

$ tmux new-session -s session_name
$ tmux new -s session_name

Attaches to an existing tmux session named session_name

$ tmux attach -t session_name
$ tmux att -t session_name

Switches to an existing session named session_name

$ tmux switch -t session_name

Lists existing tmux sessions

$ tmux list-sessions


I'll get to that later.

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