1. Apache Tomcat on Mac
  2. Autostart MySQL on Mac
  3. Clear DNS
  4. Convert UIF to ISO
  5. DotEmacs
  6. Essential Software
  7. Grepping ps with column headers
  8. How do I transfter Skype conversations from one computer to another
  9. Install Emacs from Latest Source
  10. Install Libevent
  11. Installing Git
  12. Mac Home and End Keys
  13. MacBook Pro Trackpad Problem
  14. MacPorts
  15. Make iPod Writeable on Linux
  16. Mercurial with HgWebDir Configuration
  17. Mount Mac Folder in Ubuntu from VMWare Fusion
  18. Ramdisk
  19. Remote Mount Directory Over SSHFS
  20. Remotely connect to a closed Mac laptop
  21. SSH Passwordless Authentication
  22. Show Hidden Files in Finder
  23. Take screen shots
  24. Turn Off Elastic Scroll in Lion
  25. Ubuntu on MacBookPro


  1. Bash Shell Colors
  2. Batch Rename Files
  3. DotBashRc
  4. Essential Shell Commands
  5. Find and Replace Text in a File
  6. Find host IP address
  7. Finding files
  8. Get Total Size of List of Certain Files
  9. How to Install Libjpeg on Mac
  10. Include current date in a file name that is piped to
  11. Installing Python Packages
  12. Keep process running after logout
  13. Kitty
  14. Mac Terminal Page Up,Down, Home, EOL
  15. Make BASH wait for command to complete
  16. Mount External Mac Drive in Linux
  17. Multiple Skype Instances
  18. Pipe ps to kill
  19. Print Nth Line of File
  20. Recursively Delete Select File Types
  21. Recursively make directories group executable
  22. Recursively run Mogrify on a Directory
  23. SSH Optimization
  24. Script Portability With env
  25. Split Path into Directory and File
  26. Syncronize Folders Across Machines
  27. Unzip multiple files at once
  28. Uploading and Downloading Files


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