1. Apache Forward to Tomcat
  2. Apache and Python
  3. Autostart Mongrel Clusters
  4. Autostart Processes on Linux
  5. Autostart Redmine With Mongrel
  6. Connecting to MySQL from NetBeans
  7. Convert UIF to ISO
  8. Convert Windows Line Endings to Unix
  9. Delete All Messages in Mutt
  10. DotEmacs
  11. Essential Software
  12. Extend a logical volume in a virtual machine running Red Hat or CentOS
  13. Fix Bridged Networking in VMware
  14. Fix vncserver Wrong type or access mode of .vnc
  15. How do I transfter Skype conversations from one computer to another
  16. How to Add Users and Groups to Your Computer
  17. How to add a taskbar in Ubuntu 11.10
  18. ID3 Tag Manipulation
  19. Install Emacs from Latest Source
  20. Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu
  21. Install Google Software on Ubuntu
  22. Install Libevent
  23. Install Terminator on Ubuntu
  24. Install Tomcat 6 on Ubuntu
  25. Install tree command
  26. Make iPod Writeable on Linux
  27. Memory Utilities
  28. Missing title bar in Linux with Compiz
  29. Mount Mac Folder in Ubuntu from VMWare Fusion
  30. Mount NFS Folder
  31. Move MySQL Databases to Another Partition or Drive
  32. Multiple MySQL Instances
  33. Multiple Shells
  34. MySQL Cannot Write to File
  35. MySQLdb Installation
  36. Operating system users and groups
  37. PgAdmin Installation
  38. Prevent Firefox from fsyncing
  39. Process Priorities
  40. RAID 10 F2
  41. Ramdisk
  42. Remote Mount Directory Over SSHFS
  43. SSH Passwordless Authentication
  44. Samba Installation
  45. Scan for all hosts in subnet
  46. Take screen shots
  47. Turn Off System Service
  48. Ubuntu 8.04 Mouse Freeze
  49. Ubuntu on MacBookPro
  50. VMWare Installation on Linux
  51. VNC


  1. Autostart Processes on Linux
  2. Batch Rename Files
  3. DotBashRc
  4. Enable Remote Desktop on Linux Remotely
  5. Essential Shell Commands
  6. Find and Replace Text in a File
  7. Find host IP address
  8. Finding files
  9. Get Total Size of List of Certain Files
  10. Grepping ps with column headers
  11. How to Add Users and Groups to Your Computer
  12. How to Quit a Shell Script
  13. Include current date in a file name that is piped to
  14. Install .deb packages
  15. Install Tmux on Ubuntu
  16. Installing Git
  17. Keep process running after logout
  18. Locate error - database too small
  19. Make BASH wait for command to complete
  20. Mount External Mac Drive in Linux
  21. Mount Ubuntu Folder in Ubuntu from Virtualbox
  22. Pipe ps to kill
  23. Print Nth Line of File
  24. Recursively Delete Select File Types
  25. Recursively List Only Directories
  26. Recursively make directories group executable
  27. Recursively run Mogrify on a Directory
  28. SSH Optimization
  29. SSH Port Forwarding
  30. Script Portability With env
  31. Show Git Prompt in Current Branch
  32. Sort Folders By Size
  33. Split Path into Directory and File
  34. Syncronize Folders Across Machines
  35. Tmux Reference
  36. Unzip multiple files at once
  37. Uploading and Downloading Files


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